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Newlands Way, Eccleshill, Bradford, BD10 0JE, West Yorkshire, UK

Useful Numbers

  • CALL 111 –  open 24 hours for help with medical problems of short duration and sudden onset
  • ANY LOCAL PHARMACIST for good advice about medicines, minor illness
  • DISTRICT NURSES: 01274 256 131 for wounds, dressings, elderly people
  • HEALTH VISITORS: 01274 221 223 for advice about babies and children
  • MIDWIVES: 01274 623 952 if you’re pregnant
  • National Coronavirus Support Line 0333 880 6619

Ashcroft Surgery

our Story & Past Staff

Ashcroft Surgery has been serving the community since 1983.  Historically, it has grown from a single- handed practice headed by Dr. Jonathan Gore and was run from a porta-cabin. It then found its home in a purpose-built building at the end of Sherwood Place (in Undercliffe) and soon after, Dr Gpre was joined by Drs. Gill Overend and Ashraf Khan.

In the mid 1990s, Drs. Sarah Bromley and Nick Price joined and it became a training practice (training newly qualified doctors to become GPs) in 1992.  Then in 2001, the surgery incorporated a singled handed practice on Harrogate Road run by Dr. Martin Spiers (who had retired).  It was at this time that Dr. Ramesh Mehay joined the surgery.  

Dr Mehay was already working in Bradford as a Training Programme Director for the Bradford GP Training scheme – which trains about 90 doctors wanting to become GPs every year.  Five years later, he also took up the position of a Senior Honorary Lecturer at the University of Leeds (teaching medical education to qualified doctors wanting to become medical teachers).  

 He became the GP trainer for the practice in 2003.  In 2012 he was editor for a GP training book which has now become the national standard and is used in over 5 universities as the foundation text for their Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).  The book was co-written with 50 others (mainly GP educators) and is called: The Essential Handbook of GP Training and Education.  Click to see the Amazon reviews.  Although he resigned from being a Programme Director in 2016, he continues to be the lead GP trainer in the practice.

In 2005, Drs. Bromley and Price left, and Drs. Vijay Shanumugan and Sudhir Krishnan took up positions to replace them.   Shortly after, Dr Gill Overend retired.  With its growth and popularity, Ashcroft Surgery moved to bigger and more accessible premises at Eccleshill in 2008.

In 2014, Dr Ashraf Khan retired but came back to work post-retirement (he couldn’t keep away!) and Dr Mehay assumed position of the senior partner.  In 2014 Dr Shanumugan decided to leave partnership and become a long-term locum.  Drs Pardip Sandhu and Elizabeth Hamblin, both long standing salaried GPs, took his place to join our team of partners.    The current partners are Dr Mehay, Dr Khan, Dr Krishnan, Dr Sandhu and Dr Elizabeth Hamblin.   We still have  Dr Jaskiran Dhillon, Dr Sanah Ishaq and Dr Lucy Funiss – who are our wonderful salaried GPs (employed by the practice but are not partners).

"We all stand on the shoulders of giants that came before us"

Ashcroft Surgery is where it is today because of all the people who have worked here before.  And we will always be grateful to them.    As a result, Ashcroft Surgery has also trained a number of doctors who are now working all over the UK and abroad.  We feel that they have taken a bit of Ashcroft with them to spread to the rest of the world.   We hope that when you look at this list, there will be several people you will recognise and remember with fondness and kindness – as we do.  


  • 1980     Dr Jonathan Gore
  • 1980     Dr Maggie Eisner
  • 2006     Dr Sunita Raj
  • 2006     Dr Andreas Wolf
  • 2007     Dr Nick Price
  • 2007     Dr Sarah Bromley
  • 2010     Dr Veena Mills
  • 2014     Dr Kanwal Khan
  • 2015     Dr Paul Bamber
  • 2018     Dr Mark Purvis
  • 2018     Dr Jon Yardley
  • 2021     Dr Lucy Furniss
  • 2022     Dr Nici Reece


  • 2002     Dr Lucy Clark
  • 2002     Dr Marvin Maharaj
  • 2003     Dr Adrian Lamb
  • 2004     Dr Asif Yaseen
  • 2004     Dr Khalid Munir
  • 2005     Dr Ed Stott
  • 2005     Dr Veena Mills
  • 2006     Dr Paul Bolton
  • 2006     Dr Ismail Lunat
  • 2007     Dr Tim Rider
  • 2008     Dr Zarmina Munir
  • 2009     Dr Nabeela Hassan
  • 2009     Dr Tim Brown
  • 2009     Dr Zahid Khan
  • 2010   Dr Dennis Jesuthasan
  • 2011     Dr Danica Spiteri
  • 2011     Dr Lucie Ward
  • 2011   Dr Sarah Frewer (nee Green)
  • 2012     Dr Alistair Jones
  • 2012     Dr Marie Coherton
  • 2013     Dr Waqas Tahir
  • 2013     Dr Shiraz Ali
  • 2013     Dr Atif Mahmood
  • 2014 Dr Raheela Choudhary
  • 2014     Dr Vasu Maharajan
  • 2014     Dr Paul Lord
  • 2015     Dr Junaid Azam


  • 2016     Dr Naheed Noor
  • 2016     Dr Bushra Hussain
  • 2017     Dr Nadia Tariq
  • 2017     Dr Rameez Sheikh
  • 2018     Dr Amar Toor
  • 2018    Dr Mohammed Ullah
  • 2018     Dr Foluke Ibrahim
  • 2019 Dr Mohammad Ahmed
  • 2019  Dr Victor Animasahun
  •  2021 Dr Amen Hassan
  • 2022 Dr Sarah 
  • 2023 Dr Zia
  • 2023 Dr Lina 
  • 2023 Dr Habib Ullah
  • 2023 Dr Ahmed Master


  • 2008    Nurse Catherine
  • 2010     Nurse Mary
  • 2013     Nurse Sarah Ronan
  • 2014     Nurse Marion Heap
  • 2014     Nurse Tessa Jenkins
  • 2017     Nurse Joanna Young
  • 2017     Nurse Zoe Booth
  • 2018  Nurse Laura Coleman
  • 2018     Nurse Janice White


  • 2011     Dr Lomalan Reddy
  • 2014     Dr Vasu Maharajan
  • 2016    Dr Zulquernain Shah
  • 2017     Dr Nadia Tariq
  • 2018     Dr Bushra Hussain
  • 2018     Dr Ruhan Nasir
  • 2019 Dr Mohammed Ahmed
  • 2023     Dr Shiraz Ali
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