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Useful Numbers

  • CALL 111 –  open 24 hours for help with medical problems of short duration and sudden onset
  • ANY LOCAL PHARMACIST for good advice about medicines, minor illness
  • DISTRICT NURSES: 01274 256 131 for wounds, dressings, elderly people
  • HEALTH VISITORS: 01274 221 223 for advice about babies and children
  • MIDWIVES: 01274 623 952 if you’re pregnant
  • National Coronavirus Support Line 0333 880 6619

Abortion (termination of pregnancy)

If you are pregnant and you would like to consider a termination of pregnancy, then you do not have to see your GP in order to access the termination of pregnancy service.    Instead, you can approach the Bradford Royal Infirmary Termination Service (Lilac Clinic) who will perform a termination on the NHS.    The Lilac Clinic will see and treat women with complex medical needs.

  • You can call the Lilac Clinic on 01274 383 341
  • Opening times 830am-4.30 pm Mon-Fri
  • Address: Women’s Health Unit, Ward M2, Women’s and Newborn Unit, Bradford Royal Infirmary, BD9 6RJ

Arrange an appointment for a consultation regarding a termination of pregnancy (even if you just want help to decide).    The Lilac clinic can normally see you within 4 working days.

A special note on Confidentiality

It is important for you to know that this is a confidential and discreet service.   Access to your notes is strictly for health professionals directly involved with your care (though we will normally inform your GP).  The only exception to confidentiality would be if we felt your well-being was at risk.

What will happen during my appointment?

During your first consultation, you will have an ultrasound scan; this will take place in the maternity ultrasound department.  We ensure that you will not see or hear anything the the screen during this procedure.  We will ask you some questions about your medical history and previous pregnancies.  We will take you through your options for termination of pregnancy and contraception options afterwards.  We will also offer screening for sexually transmitted infections.

Tell me more about terminations

There are two types of termination – a medical termination and a surgical termination.

  1. The medical termination involves tablets. This is a two-stage procedure available up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. This is performed as an outpatient procedure (which means that you do not have to be admitted to hospital; you simply come to the clinic, take the tablets and go home).
  2. A surgical termination is basically an operation to end the pregnancy. It is available for pregnancies between 8 weeks and 12 weeks and 6 days. You will be given a date for the procedure the time of your appointment.

The Lilac Clinic also offer a 24-hour, seven days a week follow-up service.

If you have hearing difficulties

The Lilac Clinic use Next Generation Text for people with hearing difficulties.

To contact them, ring 180 01 01274 383 341 

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