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Useful Numbers

  • CALL 111 –  open 24 hours for help with medical problems of short duration and sudden onset
  • ANY LOCAL PHARMACIST for good advice about medicines, minor illness
  • DISTRICT NURSES: 01274 256 131 for wounds, dressings, elderly people
  • HEALTH VISITORS: 01274 221 223 for advice about babies and children
  • MIDWIVES: 01274 623 952 if you’re pregnant
  • National Coronavirus Support Line 0333 880 6619


Ardens – quick help

The Doctor’s Bag Icon Ardens is very easy to use.  “Start a consultation” in the normal way.  Then click on the doctor’s bag icon and you’re then ready to go. Click on which ever system you want to log the problem.  You can even log more than one problem in the right clinical system without …

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Consultation Skills Training

Consultation Skills Training Scenario 1: ROBINSON Downloads cons skills – scenario 1 – info for students.docx cons skills – scenario 1 – facilitator notes.docx This is a scenario where the patient is attending for a consultation with a GP for a routine medication review. The GP is not his regular doctor, he normally sees the …

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Need Help With Stopping Smoking? Stop Smoking Service at Ashcroft Surgery We are not here to tell you that smoking is bad for you – you already know that. We are not here to force you to stop smoking.  We are nice people and we do not force our views on others.    Stopping smoking is …

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Need Help With Alcohol? Alcohol Service at Ashcroft Surgery We are pleased to announce that we have an Alcohol Health Care Worker called Tamara Paul.  Patients can refer themselves directly if they wish.   Simply ring or email Tamara herself or ask a person on reception at Ashcroft to book you in with her.  Tamara is …

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Your skin & the sun

Your skin & the sun staying safe – protecting yourself against skin cancers and ageing Why do doctors worry about exposure to the sun? The reason why doctors get so worried about the sun is because its UV rays can cause moles to become cancerous.  This risk is even higher if you sunburn easily.  People …

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A Happier Life

ASCHROFT HEALTH RESOURCES-towards a happier life- “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” LIFE IN GENERAL Life changing quotes More coming soon WORKING ON PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES Anxiety (booklet and video) Depression (booklet and video) Health anxiety (booklet and video) Panic (booklet and video) Post Traumatic Stress …

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Health Website & Health Apps

ASCHROFT HEALTH RESOURCES-health websites & health apps- “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” HEALTH WEBSITES Self-Care Forum – see what you can do right now to help your own body and take responsibility for your own health. Patients’ Experiences of Illnesses – do you …

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Diet & Exercise

ASCHROFT HEALTH RESOURCES-diet and exercise- “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” FOOD MATTERS   Eating disorders (booklet and video) Food for thought (booklet and video)   EXERCISE Exercise – Couch to 5K All Areas of the Body Infants, Toddlers & Children Teenagers & Young People Pregnant & …

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